Santorini Cooking Class

A hands-on experience of Santorinian cuisine

This cooking experience is simple, interactive, educational and most of all tasty. You will learn how to cook traditional, time-honored dishes, like the famed Santorinian fava, tomato fritters, pork fillets with Vinsanto (local wine) sauce and the exquisite local tomato paste and garlic spaghetti are just some of the authentic tastes you will become acquainted with.

In our Cooking Classes you will enjoy preparing and cooking four recipes in a hands-on, interactive course instructed by our chef. The experience concludes with a meal at the restaurant where you will enjoy the dishes you cooked, along with a bottle of wine.

Private and Semi-Private Classes

Wine Tasting and Private Cooking Class

The perfect combination for those seeking to discover in depth the rich wine and culinary heritage of Santorini.

The class is available for groups of 2 to 5 people or groups of 6 to 12 people

Learn the secrets of our gastronomy by learning how to cook local recipes in an interactive course by our chef, where you will also savor four of our winery’s most eclectic PDO (protected designation of origin) labels.

Wine Tasting and Semi-Private Cooking Class

An experience that combines the best parts of the restaurant and the Winery, invites you to discover the pure essence of Santorini.

Join our semi private cooking class to learn the secrets of local cuisine and prepare delicious recipes. A wine tasting of selected labels from our winery before makes it an experience as delicious as it gets!

100€/per person

Important note: The time you select for this experience is the time for the wine tasting.

Important Info
The cooking classes take place every day at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 and 20:00 in our specially designed area.
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Participants: 2 to 12 persons. For more than 12 participants the cooking classes take place in our courtyard.
A deposit of 50% (non- refundable) is required for your booking.

In our Cooking Classes you will enjoy
Preparing and cooking four recipes.
This is a hands-on, interactive course instructed by our chef.
Each participant is offered a glass of wine from the winery during the cooking class.
Participants have a reserved table at the restaurant where they will enjoy the dishes they cooked, along with a bottle of wine from the winery for 2 persons. They are also offered dessert along with a glass of Vinsanto wine. Wines and dessert are included in the cooking class package.
Keep in mind that the main course is prepared only for demonstration. The rest of the dishes are prepared in the restaurant’s kitchen.

A Hands-on Experience of the Santorinian Cuisine

Our vision is to share with you delightful tastes and bridge our gastronomic history with present. Our modern kitchen is an open invitation to creatively teach you our secrets. It is an ideal, brand new, spacious and friendly space that overlooks our vegetable gardens.
Local tradition is perfectly accompanied with modern elements and exceptional wines, produced from our vineyards. This cooking experience designed from scratch to be simple, highly interactive, educational and most of all… to taste good.

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