F.A.Q. Help Center

Here’s a list of frequent asked questions, to save you some time, before contacting us.

Should you not find what you are looking for in the following list, feel free to visit the contact page or use any of our direct contact details.

Frequent Questions About Our Tours

The average length of our tours is 4-6 hours. There of course day tours, which take much longer, usually half a day and usually ending at sunset.

More specifically the length of every tour is as follows:

Group Tour: Notos all day tour: 8-10

Group Tour: Akrotiri excavation: 2

Group Tour: Wine and sunset tour: 4

Private Tour: All day tour: 7

Private Tour: Caldera steps: 4

Private Tour: Megalochori tour: 4

Private Tour: Akrotiri excavation: 2

Private Tour: Wine trails: 5

Private Tour: Traditional paths: 4

Private Tour: Let the active begins: 6

Private Tour: Santo Distilleries: 6

Private Tour: Memories from the past: 6

Private Tour: Santorini treasures: 6

No, everyone is free to purchase a drink or snack if they feel the need to. There are tours which include a visit to a winery (for lunch) or another type of local cuisine, where guests are free to order for themselves from the given menu. There are also tours that include tickets, which are also purchased by the guests.

This obviously is subjected to the type of disability one has. If you need a wheelchair, then a Santorini tour is probably not for you. If walking is somehow an option, it could be considered to join some of the more mild tours.

Always! Thankfully the island of Santorini is rather small and should an ambulance need to be called, it will be there in no time.

Yes! There is a section on our web-site (click here→) for specifically customizing your own private tour.

Comfortable clothes and shoes is a good start. If you would like to carry a small bottle of water or a snack, it’s really up to you., you will probably need it. There is usually walking or standing involved, which can make you feel thirsty at most of times. Also, a hat and trainers would really help to enjoy the whole experience.

No, you should make a reservation at least 48 hours before any available tour.

No, our prices are fixed all year around, unless of course there is a signific change in a third party factor, such a fuel cost etc.

The minimum number of people is 1. There is no maximum number of guests for a tour, as we have a rather large fleet of vehicles available at your service.

Of course. It is highly illegal to not operate without insurance included in a tour package.

For private tours it varies depending the location of the guest’s hotel. There is a pickup point either at your doorstep or in a convenient location nearby if the hotel is not located on -or near- a road. Shared tours have a fixed pickup locations which is indicated on every page on our web-site regarding a shared group tour. There are several pickup points available, located in the most convenient spots around the island.

Frequent Questions About Our Transfer Services

Yes, throughout the whole season.

Yes. You can request a transfer from any location, to any location on Santorini.

There is a minimum charge of 2 people for our transfer service, even if only one person enquires this service. There is no maximum number of people for a transfer service.

Yes, there will be no changes, unless there is signific change in a third-party factor, such as fuel cost etc.

Yes, you can have a shared or private transfer service. You can choose this on the request form, when booking a transfer service.