Megalochori Village Through Myth and Wine Tour by Notos

4 Hour – Exclusive Tour

“Megalochori Village through Myth and Wine by Notos” tour is an exclusive experience in Santorini that you can’t miss!

Joining this tour and you will:

  • Walkthrough The Traditional Megalochori Village
  • Live the Ancient Greek Symposium Experience
  • Discover the history of Santorini at the “Lost Atlantis Museum”


Walkthrough The Traditional Megalochori Village

This authentic village is truly a hidden gem of Santorini.

Imagine being able to see the traditional vineyards, the lava-stoned streets, the renovated and abandoned houses after the earthquake of 1956, the colorful and unique house doors, the traditional cave houses, and the authentic kafenio or restaurants nearby the main street of the village or its square.

Megalochori village itself has a nice mixture of cream and white Cycladic houses with contrasting colorful doors and a fair few white churches with bright blue domes.

Live the Ancient Greek Symposium Experience

Let’s revive altogether one of the most ancient Greek experiences.

The experience of being part of a Symposium event. In ancient Greece, the symposium was a ritualized drinking event, when drinking for pleasure was accompanied by music, dancing, recitals, or conversation.

Similarly, we will be accompanied by live Lyre playing, mythological and historical wine narration.

The wine was integral to the symposia of Greece. We will delve into the reasons behind wine´s creation and the part it played in the creative arts of the Symposia with a historical and philosophical take on wine tasting.

Discover the history of Santorini at the “Lost Atlantis Museum”

Embark on a journey in Greek History, Mythology, Philosophy and Geology! Discover all the evidence that connects Plato’s Lost Atlantis myth with the volcano eruption of the island. Follow Plato’s Journey that inspired him to write about the ideal city through an interactive fresco.

View a Holographic representation of the geological evolution of Santorini island from the prehistoric ages until today. Re-live, with all your senses, the earthquake, the tsunami, and the volcanic eruption that led to the destruction of Atlantis in a 9D experience.

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